Disinfection Training & Certification

for Public Spaces

The “Enhanced Cleaning Protocol” to Follow.

Learn how to eliminate Covid-19 properly in any public space

Disinfect Right provides the essential cleaning, disinfection, and infection control training needed to be effective.

NEW! Disinfect Right™ Program for Schools

Free School Resources

Returning to School Safely, Step by Step Reference Guide

Setup your schools infection control program before students return this fall.






Reported In Schools

Online resources of reported cases in schools and campuses across North America.

Infection Control for Schools

Resource Website

Watch a recording from our webinars, use calculators to determine your needs and review content designed to help you roll-out and effective infection control program for your school.

Disinfection Training

Complimentary, Online Training Applicable for All Industries.

Gain 60+ years experience on proper disinfection.  Understand how to select the right disinfectant for your space and follow infection control procedures.

Staying Open Resources

Disinfection Templates, Product Recommendations & Signage.

Professional and easy-to-use PDF templates. Printable resources designed to help you track disinfection and communicate your commitment.

Individual Certification

For Commercial Cleaners & Disinfection Professionals.

Certification for front-line workers doing it right. Scenario based testing which confirms an individuals ability to identify and disinfect a public space properly.

Endorsed Locations

For Businesses Ensuring Proper Disinfection of Public Spaces.

Certification for businesses with public spaces. Management testing on proper staff training, selection of disinfectants, and ability to follow recognized protocol.

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“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased our attention to proper infection prevention and control. This program reveals important information on the nature and spread of pathogens in a clear manner and provides easy to follow instructions on how to keep your space safe. As all recommendations are based on the same protocols used in high risk environments such as healthcare, you can trust this program to help reduce the risk of spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

Jason “The Germ Guy” Tetro

Host of the “Super Awesome Science Show
Author of “The Germ Code” and “The Germ Files
Disinfect Right - Google Covid19 Data

Covid-19 Data

Provided by Google

Dedicated to education, prevention, and local resources. Easy access to global information, safety tips, and search trends related to COVID-19.

Disinfect Right™ Program

Ensure Proper Disinfection

Online Training & Certification Programs

Ensure your clients and customers safety through proper disinfection.

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